Inspired by a family trip to Andalucía,  the south of Spain, and my father’s birth land. 
I have many memories of Andalucía. Growing up, my first road trips as a young girl with my parents and sisters, where to the south of Spain. Many years after I returned with daughter. We went back to the land of rich flavors, endless sunny days, warm people, traditions, and dreams. Art, literature, passion. I can't name them all, but I can show you a little part of it through this collection. 
My memories of Andalucía.
"De Feria" / To the Fair
"Dama de la Noche" / Lady of the Night
"Arcos" / Arches
"Azulejos" / Tiles
"Olivos" / Olive Trees
"Deseos" / Wishes
"Sombra" / Shade
"Al Sol" / Under the Sun
"Flecos" / Fringe

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